John Mendola (AKA Johnny Rock) has been playing Bass guitar since 1985. John has toured throughout the United States and Asia. John currently plays Bass at various churches in Southern California as well as with Psalms Praise Band. John has a passion for music ministry and is available for Church services and events worldwide. If you need a bassist, please contact John for availability.

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Electric Basses Include:

4 String Fretless
5 String
6 String
8 String

Acoustic Basses Include:

4 String Martin
5 String Fretless
4 String Upright

Amps & Cabinets:

Hugh and Kettner
10" - 200 Watt Tube
Live Rig: 300 Watt Tube
Trace Elliot
4x10 / 1x15

"I have been playing Bass guitar for many years and it has always been my passion to serve the Lord through music. I am not that great of a Bass player yet my heart and soul goes into my playing... I read chord charts (not music) and my playing is real simple and straight forward."
Johnny M.

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