The Lords Vision

Psalms Praise Band was formed to reach out and glorify Jesus Christ through worship and praise to the Mandarin speaking world. Below is my testimony on how this came about and a demonstration on how when “God guides He provides”.

On January 24, 2008 I was on a flight heading to Canada for an International Christian trade show. While in flight the Lord put on my heart to start a Mandarin Praise and Worship team. When I arrived at the convention I then spoke with Jim Powell the convention organizer and asked him about the possibilities of leading worship in Mandarin at the Hong Kong show in September. Jim said that this would be something that we would need to pray about and noted that if it was in Gods will, then Christian trade would take care of food and hotel expenses if we could take care of the airfare.

So now in my finite mind, I have two dilemmas, one I need to put together a band that sings in Mandarin and two, I need to supply airfare to Hong Kong for a worship team!

A few months prior to this Canada trip I met with Mark Jenkins and we spoke about putting a worship team together to perform in India, so I did have a prospect for a guitar member in mind, yet how would I find singers that sing in Mandarin and what about the rest of the team? The Lord open doors by first introducing me to a man at my church that knew some of the Chinese churches in the area. I then was put in contact with Renny Chu in February and we discussed the possibilities of putting together this team. About a month later while attending the Sunday night bible study at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, by the grace of God, I was sitting next to a women named Felice Ip who played keyboards and translated songs and lyrics into Mandarin. Within two weeks, Felice had put together an eleven song set list and on March 24
th, Mark, Felice and I got together and rehearsed in Marks garage. So the Lord had laid out the foundation for His worship team. Next was to put the rest of the team in place, on April 14th I contacted Renny again and ask her to join us for practice as well as Mitch Ross (whom I had know since 1994) who joined us on drums. April 21st was our first rehearsal. The Lord used Felice as an instrument to get the worship team off the ground, we practiced together up until the beginning of May and then Felice had other projects that she was committed to. I then contacted Larissa Lam(whom I had met back in 1999) and ask her if she would be available to lead worship in Mandarin. Larissa was living in Northern California at the time and she flew in on June 2nd for our first rehearsal. Now the team was almost complete, during this time period I had started learning Chinese at the local college and met Lauren Satin who had a passion for China and was a singer at Saddleback Church. For months I ask Lauren to join our team and on June 9th, Lauren showed up for practice and became part of our worship team.

We then recorded a CD in Mandarin in late August (thanks to the help of David Longoria and his staff at Del Oro Music) which we gave away to the Mandarin speaking Christians at the show in Hong Kong. On September 5, 2008 we were at LAX boarding planes to Hong Kong. Yes the Lord provided the airfare as well (frequent flyer miles and ministry tithing got us there).

In conclusion, this is a testimony to how God works… when He guides, He does provide. He put a vision on my heart and opened up the doors to fulfill His will. With Him all things are possible. Since the making of the worship team the Lord has also brought to us, Jimmy Schultz on drums and Ron Campbell on acoustic guitar.

John Michael Mendola
Psalms For The World, Inc.